Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture



Struggle—Struggle is a power of origin. Advocating the spirit of self-improvement and struggle, that means facing the difficulty in the market competition. Struggle leads innovation; struggle attributes the efficiency; struggle leads the sustainable development of the enterprise.

Devotion—Devotion is the highest state of the enterprise. Actively leading the employee to take advanced model as the example and sincerely dedicating to the enterprise; the enterprise returns the society, making contribution to the development of urban gas and the stabilization of market price; the enterprise returns users, providing guarantee for safe gas using and consumption at ease; the enterprise returns employees; on the base of corporate development, the company gradually improves the work and life condition for employees; the enterprise returns society, realizing the common and harmonious development for the enterprise and the society.

Harmony—Harmony is moral principle as well as a culture concept. Guided by harmonious concept, the company establishes excellent corporate culture, which is an important way and mark to realize the harmony with external environment and also a foundation and guarantee for creating a harmonious enterprise. The company persists in People-oriented, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development view, creating a harmonious enterprise.

Innovation—Innovation is an origin of corporate life and an inexhaustible motive force for sustainable development. Insisting on survival in innovation, development in innovation, the company constantly improves technology innovation, business innovation, management innovation and service capacities and rapid emergency meeting capacity, making the enterprise have good core competitiveness.


Brand philosophy—blue flame hot line, sincerely accompany with you.

Tenet—Ensuring safe, strengthening management, standardizing service and making good on promise

Management philosophy—Details determines success or failure, responsibilities achieves business.

Quality philosophy—Quality in my hands, satisfaction in your heart.

Service philosophy—Starting from user’s demands, ending with user’s satisfaction

Safety philosophy—Knowing safety, understanding safety, wanting safety, grasping safety.

Marketing philosophy—Only owning users, owning market.

Business philosophy—Starting carrier by integrity, survival by quality, development by brand.

3.Valuable Principle:

Motto—Strict, harmonious

Tenet—Sustainable bonus, business evergreen

Vision—Sound Development

Mission—An enterprise is a school, and leaders are supervisors.

Customer concept—Customer’s Benefit Supreme

Product concept—Pragmatic, efficient, practical

Principle—Serious & insistent, starting well and ending well

Talent concept—self-cultivation, teaching people good

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