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Group Profile


Banna G&P Group, founded in 1993, owns fixed assets of over RMB 1 billion, 9 subsidiaries, and over 600 employees. As “Yunnan Provincial 100 Supporting Development and Private Enterprises” and “Nonpublic Economic Sector of Economy Protection Enterprise” listed by Yunnan Government, the business covers liquefied petroleum gas, gas station, petroleum import, pipeline gas, real estate development, mining resource development, valuable and rare forest plantation, high-end drinking water Yexiang Spring, etc. Besides own development, Banna G&P Group never forgets where the happiness comes from after getting rich, and returns society by public welfare. Since its inception, the company has donated more than RMB 21 million for social welfare. The company was evaluated as “National Worker Pioneer”, “National Model Worker’s Family”, “Harmonious Enterprise” and “Integrity Unit” by the state-level, provincial, and municipal party committees, governments and related departments.


With constant construction of “ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA)” and “Bridgehead”, Banna G&P Group seized the change, strengthened the construction of Kunming-Bangkok International Energy Corridor and Lantsang-Megong Product Transportation, improving Yunnan resource arrangement ability and providing services for national resource strategy. Utilizing own product import transportation quota resources, Banna G&P Group took full use of cooperation with Yunnan Investment Group. With the approval of Yunnan SASAC, Banna G&P Group established a new company “Yunnan Investment Banna Petrochemical Co., Ltd.” The founding and running of the new company play a good foundation for Yunnan energy import and an active role for easing the short supply of products. Besides, Banna G&P Group also won franchise rights of urban gas pipelines approved by the state, playing a positive role for the construction of urban gas pipelines, preserving the ecological environment, improving the urban function, and improving life quality.In addiion, it also makes active contributions to the unity and the social economic development of minorities in the borderland.

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