Chairman's Speech

Chairman's Speech


In the past 21 years, Banna G&P Group underwent development modes, such as hardship pioneering, steady development, professional construction with scale, group development and has won recognition from the market and the industry by steady and rapid development. Here, I really appreciate it.

Thanks to the diligence, dedication and innovation of every employee, Banna G&P Group received stable progress and numerous praises. The encouragement, support and sincere cooperation of numerous cooperators, trust and recognition of numerous consumers, as well as care, love and support of governmental department, associations, banks, media and all circles are indispensable power and origin for solid foundation, rapid development and success.

God help those who help themselves, Human rewards good, Business rewards confidence. Banna G&P Group tests that integrity is the base of survival, customer demands are enterprise’s orientation, and innovation is the force of development, and quality and service of guarantee of the development. Looking forward to future, I believe scientific development concept of constant innovation, management mode of keeping pace with times, and modernized production technology as well as the help with social friends as always will lead us go on a more rapid, broader and healthier development road.

Today’s Banna G&P Group is striving to make progress; future’s Banna G&P Group is look forward to join hands with you.

--Chairman, Banna G&P Group

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