Chairman’s Resume

Chairman’s Resume


Mr. Liu Tianwei, Hani Nationality, born in 1963, university graduate, came from Mojiang Hani Autonomous County, Yunnan, non-Party member, a member of the 9th Yunnan Provincial Political Consultative Conference, a standing member of the 9th, the 10th State Political Consultative Conference, takes the post of Chairman of Banna G&P Group.

Mr. Liu Tianwei is a peasant entrepreneur growing up with the Reform and Opening-up Policy. He founded Banna G&P Group in 1993. By virtue of sharp insight to the market economy and never-satisfied progress spirit, he makes Banna G&P Group develop into a modernized multi-channel and diversified group since its inception.

As an entrepreneur with strong social responsibility, Mr. Liu Tianwei invested a large amount of vigor and capital in charity, science and education, poverty support and public welfare and environmental protection. He invested and built Menghai Tianwei Primary School, Mengla Tianwei Love Bridge, and “Mojiang Tongguan Tianwei Stair Teaching Building” in his own name. Companies founded by him have donated nearly RMB 21 million for the society over the years. He will be engaged in public welfare for a long term and will conduct love business forever.

Mr. Liu Tianwei, creating brands, returning the country by business promotion, is a private entrepreneur with legendary in China. He was granted an interview by leaders of Party and State. Mr. Liu Tianwei makes excellent contributions to the society and the business circle. He was granted as “Yunnan 19th Model Worker”, “Xishuangbanna Moral Model”, “Advanced Individual of Xishuangbanna Nationality Unity”, etc. 

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