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Banna G&P Group, founded in 1993, owns fixed assets of over RMB 1 billion, 9 subsidiaries, and over 600 employees. As “Yunnan Provincial 100 Supporting Development and Private Enterprises” and “Nonpublic Economic Sector of Economy Protection Enterprise” listed by Yunnan Government, the business covers liquefied petroleum gas, gas station, petroleum import, pipeline gas, real estate development, mining resource development, valuable and rare forest plantation, high-end drinking water Yexiang Spring, etc. Besides own development, Banna G&P Group never forgets where the happiness comes from after getting rich, and returns society by public welfare. Since its inception, the company has donated more than RMB 21 million for social welfare. 

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Group business

  • LPG


    Xishuangbanna Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. LPG storage and distribution station located mengyang mengyang farm town of Jinghong City, the new management committee of eight teams (two former school site at the school). The station was built in June 2012, fully completed in July 2013. LPG storage and distribution station reserves of 486 cubic meters, storage tanks and supply in storage and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas filling 5,000 tons / year. The main equipment filling workshop, room, office and living space, steel inspection stations, fire water, the purchase of tanks, with a total construction area of ​​2,600 square meters, covers an area of ​​17,936.83 square meters. Facilities have lightning protection, anti-static, water fire and strength of electrical systems and other facilities. "Sold more than a can of gas, less cut a tree," which is a long-Banna Sinopec Group and will always stick to uphold ecological philosophy. The company has created to promote easy to use, clean and efficient gas, alternative fuels firewood, long-term commitment to rainforest protection.

  • Natural gas pipeline

    Natural gas pipeline

    2009 to cooperate with Sinopec Group Banna Jinghong City Investment and Development Co., Ltd., founded the city voted natural gas pipeline company. Nowadays, petrochemical Banna to "gasification Yunnan" development strategy as an opportunity to carry out a comprehensive Jinghong City, New gas pipeline construction. Xishuangbanna Resort, Jinghong Industrial Park and other cities in New gas pipeline construction project in full swing, the total investment has reached billion, and some have been completed and put into use, a total of more than 5,000 households have enjoyed the gas pipeline construction to bring convenience. It is foreseeable that the gas pipeline construction will appear in Xishuangbanna bright future.

  • Refined oil

    Refined oil

    In 2010, Sinopec Group Banna cooperation with the cloud Investment Group, co-founded Yunnan Banna Petrochemical Investment Company Limited, the sharing of resources and powerful combination. At present, the construction of gas stations in the province of more than 100 seats, three acres of vegetable base, now a turnover of over 80 billion dollars a year, becoming the Yunnan after Sinopec, PetroChina's third-largest oil company, the company actively preparing for listing . Sinopec Yunnan Banna created a private enterprise, "five of the first": the first allowed imports of refined oil concession of private enterprises; first allowed the construction of refined oil bonded warehouses of private enterprises; first allowed in the Lancang Mekong • Transportation private enterprises of refined oil products, the first tanker in the manufacture of transport • Lancang Mekong private Enterprise, the first allowed to change in Southeast Asia engaged in vegetable oil trading of private enterprises.

  • stations


    Banna Sinopec stations operated under the Yunnan Kunming UCB Provincial Office Service Center. Which is located in Xichang Road, Kunming, petrol stations operating a variety of gasoline, diesel fuel, lubricating oil, bear the provincial authorities, other provincial agencies, community groups, individual vehicle refueling operations.

  • New Energy Development

    New Energy Development

    Alcohols such as methanol alcohol-based fuel is the main raw material, according to a particular process, the scientific design of a new type of reasonable modified high clean liquid fuels. Can replace liquefied petroleum gas, kerosene, diesel and other used as a hotel, restaurants, schools, businesses canteen kitchen fuel, or used for other industrial fuel and so on.

  • Real Estate Development

    Real Estate Development

    Xishuangbanna Oasis Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., is a real estate development and management as the main business of real estate investment company established in Xishuangbanna, Sinopec Group, a company incorporated time was in July 2009, relying on the Sinopec Group Banna extensive network of local resources and wealth of business in management experience, and the introduction of a domestic well-known enterprises Trader experienced real estate management personnel team. Oasis has been made in the current real estate development and management rights Jinghong city several prime plots. Developed the "Palace Square" is located in the city center of Jinghong traditional commercial cultivated land, adjacent to the South and Menghai Galan Road and other main roads. The total construction area of ​​300,000 square meters, two first floor style commercial street, boutique investment single apartment, Riverside Landscape aerial other homes, a new definition of Banna city life!

  • Mineral resources development

    Mineral resources development

    Menghai Xinhui Mining Development Co., Ltd. is funded and co-Banna Sinopec Group to jointly invest in a business do to mining, mining, and processing of mining companies. The company was founded in March 2005, at present, the company administrative office is located in Jinghong dam Kyrgyzstan Road 9, 34 km outside the mine in Menghai at Mengzhe Zhenba Yeh Walled Yongsan. The tireless efforts of all the staff, constantly in pursuit of excellence in quality, a distinctive brand and the perfect corporate image, adhering to the "energy-saving, practical, progressive and innovative" spirit of enterprise. We constantly improve their own management system, emphasizing customer and market-oriented, to broaden the scope of services, improve service depth, with customers seeking long-term, stable and win-win partnership to enable enterprises to gain the trust and support of all customers. The company's aim is to uphold the principle of good faith in order to achieve market customer requirements.

  • Treasure trees

    Treasure trees

    Company responded positively to the call of the country's strong afforestation in Granada Menghai Meng reservoir of 5,000 acres of barren hills surrounding the reservoir area planted fir and pine, after 15 years of careful management, grow into a piece of fir and pine forest shade Pinnacle, effective conservation of the water, protecting the ecology. Domestic water for the irrigation of farmland and produce masses to provide a guarantee.


Honorary awards

News information

Liu Tianwei, chairman of the group company, visited the front-line employees during the Spring Festival

Liu Tianwei, chairman of the group company, visited the front-line employees during the Spring Festival

On February 12, on the occasion of the Spring Festival, Liu Tianwei, Chairman of Xishuangbanna Petrochemical Group, brought members of the company's leadership team and gifts to express condolences during the Spring Festival to actively respond to the "New Year's Day" initiative of epidemic prevention and control at all levels and departments, and stick to the front-line grassroots at work Staff, send holiday greetings and blessings.
Xishuangbanna Petrochemical Group donated money and materials to continue to help epidemic prevention and control

Xishuangbanna Petrochemical Group donated money and materials to continue to help epidemic prevention and control

At present, the prevention and control of the epidemic is still in a critical period, and it is the most urgent task at the moment to make every effort to contain the spread of the epidemic. Xishuangbanna Petrochemical Group and Xishuangbanna Tianwei Charity Foundation have always responded to the call for epidemic prevention and control at all levels and departments. While doing a good job in business production and operation, they continued to donate money and materials to epidemic prevention and control at all levels and departments to help epidemic prevention and control with practical actions .
Xishuangbanna Petrochemical Group held the 2021 management appointment and target responsibility letter signing ceremony

Xishuangbanna Petrochemical Group held the 2021 management appointment and target responsibility letter signing ceremony

In order to further implement the comprehensive deepening reform of the group company, promote the modernization of governance system and governance ability, effectively strengthen the role of assessment of target responsibility, ensure the smooth realization of annual main work objectives, and further promote the upgrading and transformation of the group to high-quality development. On the afternoon of January 16, Xishuangbanna Petrochemical Group held an annual management appointment and signing ceremony of target responsibility letter. More than 30 people from all departments and branches (subsidiaries) attended the ceremony.

Social Responsibility

Banna G&P Group, inheriting traditional Chinese virtue, demonstrates the social responsibility, and actively throws itself into public welfare and glory action, returning the society by real action from poverty relief to donation for study, from rescue and relief work to helping the disabled and the senior citizen help.


Safe and Steady Operation

Safe and steady operation is the premise and foundation to realize the enterprise evergreen and an important guarantee for a sound and sustainable development.

Providing High-quality Service

Banna G&P Group, inheriting the tenet of “Integrity, Service, Cooperation”, carries out the policy of “Ensuring Safety, Strengthening Management”, the quality objective of “Standard Service, Customer Satisfaction”, relies on a convenient and sound service network system, and transmits from “providing products” to “providing service” to seek for common growth with the cooperated enterprise and customers by virtue of convenient and sound service network system, high-quality and quantity diversified products and considerate services, promoting economic prosperity of local economy and social harmony.

Green Low-carbon Development

The company has been engaged in protection of tropical rainforest for a long term, inheriting the ecological concept of “Selling More Gas, Cutting Few Tree”, vigorously promotes the usage of efficient, convenient and time-saving liquefied gas as a new fuel instead of firewood, walks an eco-friendly resource-saving sustainable development road, creates an obvious ecological efficiency and social efficiency, winning praise and reputation from party committee and government at all level as well as all circles.

Creating a Happiness Group

What is happiness? Happiness is yesterday that we joined hands and walked, is today that we are drawing and tomorrow full of hopes. There is such a group of employees who choose progress with Banna G&P Group to pursue and interpret happiness commonly.

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