Water and Health

Water and Health


Drink plenty of water should be said that the most simple things, but the development of the era to today's problem drinking became a hot topic of concern!

A Health Crisis

The first 22 days Regulations: Health

Modern human health, the three major killers: cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes.

Health groups accounted for 70%; healthy population accounted for 15%; patient population, 15%; stroke: 10000000; hypertension: 200000000; coronary heart disease: 20000000; Diabetes: 150000000.






Under normal circumstances, to drink three liters of water per person per day. When a person more than 10% water loss of body weight, physiological functions are disturbed when water loss by 15% -20% of people will die. This shows how important the water of life, and life is closely related to water, without water life would cease to exist.

Out of water:

1 can not digest food;

(2) nutrition can not transport;

3 blood can not be recycled;

4 waste must not excreted;

5 the temperature can not be adjusted.

The role of water in the body: transport nutrients, waste products, regulate body temperature, metabolism.

Out of water, all the body's metabolic disorder will occur, life would cease to exist. Therefore closely related to humans and water. We look at "sea" word has several parts (dirty).

Pollution three water

With the rapid development of China's growing population and industrial production, China's worsening environmental pollution.

So the current water situation in China and how?

The average annual amount of pesticide use 500,000 tons, of which 30% is absorbed by crops, 350,000 tons into the river to enter the human food chain.

"China Environmental News": Up to now, China's pollution of shallow groundwater resources is relatively common, about 70% of the country was a certain degree of pollution of groundwater in urban districts, about half of the more serious, groundwater quality decline.

Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2005 released research report conditions: a survey on pollution in China 532 rivers showed that nearly 500 rivers are polluted to varying degrees. Four freshwater lakes in the Yangtze River region: Taihu Lake, Chaohu Lake, Dongting Lake, Poyang Lake. Have all reached a level of eutrophication, the water quality worse than Grade IV and inferior to five.

Our water meets drinking water standards only 10%. 90% of the groundwater are subject to different degrees of pollution, and increasing year by year. All drinking water in the southern region have been detected to contain more than 200 kinds of large amounts of organic pollutants, which have exceeded the dozens of compounds.

By pollution, mainly from the following aspects:

1 natural pollution: pollution of human and animal waste rotting garbage litter.

2 industrial pollution: waste gas factories, mines, cars, ships and other emissions.

3 agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, pollution; Pollution pesticides, fertilizers and the like.

4 modern high-tech pollution: pollution appliances communications equipment and other electromagnetic radiation.

⑴ polluted rivers.

⑵ dilapidated water pipes after a long, flowing into the household, which is the second pollution.

⑶ tank rise buildings, long-term increase in dirty unmaintained matter, this is the third pollution.

2005 China Ministry of Construction said:

High-rise buildings shall then set the tank;

Drinking water pipes are not allowed to use cast iron and galvanized pipes;

Prior to 2008 Olympic-related construction to install clean water systems;

Today, enjoy the excellent music seven core-level technology will be most effective in the future, the most critical water ways

Face serious pollution of drinking water, many people have no choice. From the World Health Organization (WHO) released data show that far from the detection of organic compounds in water have reached more than 2200 kinds, there are 785 kinds of some tap water.

According to the China Preventive Medicine Sciences to statistics, China's annual emissions have more than 53.5 billion tons. Of which more than 80% without any treatment, directly into natural water sources. For example: Dianchi Lake.

90% of the national urban water contamination; 800 million people drink water E. coli seriously overweight; 400 million people drinking iron; excessive levels of lead; 100 million people drink water with high hardness; 050 million people drink high nitrates in water.

Pollution of the world's 10 largest cities in China accounted for eight. On China's 118 cities groundwater monitoring display:

70% of urban water polluted; 40% less water pollution in the city: 20 percent of urban water quality compliance. Economic losses caused by pollution to water resources in China each year about 57.7 billion yuan. Described as "a river dried up dry, and water are polluted." Increasingly serious water pollution, human health is severely threatened.

Four Water and disease

Causing damage to health in the various factors, the first of which is when the water. Due to water pollution, contaminated water has become invisible killer of human health.

80% of the world's disease is caused by consumption of contaminated water. The world's 1.2 billion people drink contaminated water due to be suffering from various diseases. There are 25 million children around the world due to drinking contaminated water and get sick to death each year.

Since the main diseases caused by water pollution are:

1 Cancer: Dr. Lei Mengde the United States found that cancer cells that toxic substances in the body long-term accumulation, spread to body fluids, causing damage and mutation of cells.

In "died due to water," this book, M.D. Japan Mr. Lin Xiuguang ": the water around the cancer cells and surrounding normal cells around is different ......" "should occur before the water had changed, the result was caused by cancer cell state. "

2 cardio-cerebral vascular sclerosis

Long-term drinking unclean water, and some contaminants will settle in the vessel wall, accelerated cardiovascular sclerosis. Hypertension, heart disease, cerebral thrombosis and other diseases, have a direct relationship with the long-term drinking unclean water

3 stone disease

Liver ------- (function) a variety of nutrients, decomposition of 2, synthesized by the body that carry blood to the kidneys is around the filter, from various parts of the body back to the blood, mixed with a lot of waste and impurities, after kidney filtration, excreted from the urethra, then, there are often a part of the impurities remain in the body, over time cause stones.

4. Digestive diseases

a. E. coli in the water can cause gastroenteritis, diarrhea, urinary tract infections,

b. Salmonella can cause typhoid, paratyphoid.

c. Shigella bacteria can cause bacterial dysentery.

d. hemolytic streptococcus can cause hemolytic jaundice disease.

5. Excessive heavy metal disease

--- Excessive lead can cause kidney disease, neuralgia.

Arsenic --- overdose can cause neuritis, acute poisoning and even death.

Cadmium --- overdose can cause skeletal deformities, low back pain. Seriously can die.

For example: December 15, 2005, occurred in Guangdong Shaoguan serious water pollution accidents, cause, during the Shaoguan smelter equipment maintenance, excessive discharge of waste water containing cadmium pollution caused by the North River Shaoguan section.

Excessive phosphorus ---- organophosphate poisoning can cause breathing difficulties.

Excessive fluoride: replacement of body calcium, leading to dental fluorosis, fluoride bone disease, osteoporosis.

Chinese people with congenital renal insufficiency - because of drinking contaminated water caused


In addition to the above-mentioned diseases caused by heavy metals, as well as more terrible "F": endemic fluorosis has called endemic fluorosis disease. It is a long-term intake of excessive fluoride caused a chronic systemic disease, mainly for dental fluorosis and skeletal fluorosis. Our addition to Shanghai, municipalities and autonomous regions have different levels of almost endemic areas, an estimated nearly 40 million patients, including the number of water-based ward patients accounted for more than 90%.


Long-term drinking fluoride contaminated water can lead to osteoporosis and soften the body, people hunched over, but also a serious incapacity. In summary, the description of the relationship between water and disease very closely, contaminated water will become the invisible killer of human life.

V. Selection of water

How to solve this worldwide problem of drinking water pollution? In fact, the activity of water is a good choice and we drink the water will flow through the 21 seconds every corner of the body. Since water activity is activity in a "starvation" state, after entering the body, the body of various impurities rapidly diffuse into which the body so that it can accommodate useless objects, and subsequently excreted. Meanwhile, the body of water, updated every 5 --- 18 days time, if accounted for 70% of the body of water is clean, fresh and healthy human cells have a living environment. It can enhance the body's immune system, promote cell metabolism, cell also lose the malignant spread of the condition, people naturally reduce the chance of disease.

A healthy adult drink about 2500 ml of clean water every day. "Water is the best medicine": Sometimes your body is not sick, but thirsty improper drinking water, the water will become the bane of life.

Our goals are:

Let the people drink clean water,

Breathe fresh air,

Better working and living environment.


Wen Jiabao: Fourth Session of the Tenth National People's Congress on Environment Summary


"Drink active water, tap water" is a new concept of modern drinking water. Some European and American countries as well as Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, since the 1980s, and its active water penetration has reached 90%. In order to solve the people's active water is safe to drink, Infinitus (China) Co., Ltd., according to China's environment and water quality characteristics, production of "music licensing enjoy excellent water purifier" is applicable for ordinary household water purification equipment. It uses the gifted musicians enjoy the most advanced water treatment technology, and direct water butt, to create a high-oxygen water activity of small molecules. Avoid the hassle and the opportunity to buy secondary pollution of water, changing the water. So, once available, will receive the majority of the user's attention and welcome.

According to the World Health Organization survey: the next decade China in pure water equipment industry sales will reach $ 700 billion, and so far, only about $ 600 million. So far, household water purifier market share in China to reach 2 ‰.

Choose water

1 boiled water

For many years, our people have always followed the bad habit of drinking water. Why not drink water, it is because tap water in our homes, in the use of bleach to disinfect water, then there is a residual chlorine in tap water, chloroform, carbon generated chlorine, hydrogen reaction in water, which is the world recognized the strong carcinogen.

In the water to a boil in the process, we believe that the sterilization. In fact, 100-degree cold water can kill bacteria, all heat simply kill bacteria and viruses. Instead more emphasis chloroform concentrations (50MG / L) of dissolved oxygen in the water to evaporate. Therefore, the water is oxygen-free multi-drug. This is not cold water fish, watering the truth, but we humans can drink every day.

2-ionized water

From a medical point of view, Japan is not the interpretation of a decontamination, water treatment equipment, drinking water is not the idea, because the technology without a contribution in terms of water pollution, provided he uses raw water must be pure water, it is not in line with China's national conditions, subject to Ministry of Health banned.

3. Mineral water

There are many types of mineral water, but most of the mineral water market failure, because, according to national standards, mineral water sources within 10 km of uninhabited natural stones out of the water should not be pumped with a pump. Furthermore, the reference mineral water does not benefit everyone, like women in early pregnancy, patients with cirrhosis should be forbidden to drink all kinds of mineral water. Kidney patients, hypertensive patients should prohibit drinking mineral water containing sodium carbonate. So not everyone is suitable for mineral water

4. Ozone water

We say that ozone is a sterilizer, not water treatment equipment, ozone soaked fruits, vegetables, utensils highly desirable, he removal of pesticides up to 98%. But if directly consumed, the body will kill the beneficial bacteria (flora aid digestion) and can not remove heavy metal impurities in the water.

5. Distilled water

Water in the distillation vessel was heated to boiling, and condensed water vapor into the collection, the water is a hypoxia "dead." Which contains more than oxygen and fluorine gas, generally used in pharmaceuticals, not drink. By the above description, I believe you already have some water knowledge and understanding. In the 21st century, the population enjoy active water will be willing to accept new things young consumers turn to bring together consumer groups. People in the food chain, with pure water to replace contaminated water bodies; improve quality of life; changing drinking habits; pursuit of a safe and healthy drinking water which has become a consensus of the majority. Experts pointed out: drinking revolution of the 21st century, from the beginning of the activity of water.

The world's five longevity village

1 former Soviet Caucasus region;

100-year-old man abound

120-year-old is the average age of

155 years old belong to longevity

2 Bama county in Guangxi, China;

3 Japan's Yamanashi indiscriminately original;

4 Hunza Pakistan;

5 Vilcabamba, Ecuador;

Small molecules features:

Dissolved strong infiltration, metabolic strong, emulsifying power.

The number of water molecules:

Natural snow melt water from 3 to 5

PPM value> = 200 35

PPM value> = 500 50 ~ 55

Active water 2 to 3

Scientific drinking

5:00 ~ 7:02 cups large intestine by

8:00 am ~ 10:01 Cup spleen

10:00 am ~ 12:01 Cup Heart Sutra

13:00 - 15:01 Small Intestine Meridian Cup

15:00 ~ 17:01 Cup bladder through

17 to 19:01 at night cup of kidney

21:00 ~ 23:01 Cup parasympathetic nervous system

Letter to everyone

Do not put the body as a filter, for the whole family's health, you should own one to enjoy excellent music seven core stage water purifier! If you do not have to enjoy the excellent music seven core stage water purifier, also sincerely hope that we can be on clean water. Kidney cheaper than water.


Reach for water, pick up water, drank the water, to drink healthy. We also hope to join hands together to health promotion.

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