Carbon Emissions Calculator

Carbon Emissions Calculator


Calculate how much your carbon emissions?

Carbon calculator based on the structure of your home, your personal energy consumption, environmental protection your habits, and your personal transportation habits, guidance for the control of carbon dioxide emissions to provide your simple easily understood row. Carbon dioxide emissions are representative of the year, household energy consumption, transport and waste disposal process of the carbon dioxide emitted into the air. This version of the carbon calculator is based in the UK and the U.S., research data on household energy consumption from enacted. It will tell you how to change the way your home energy use. Your choice may also affect transport of carbon dioxide emissions. Since the calculator does not require you to specifically provide a rough guide to your fuel or electricity consumption data, so although it is easy to use, but can only be used as.

The first step in reducing carbon dioxide emissions is to understand their carbon dioxide emissions. This tool not only helps you calculate the carbon dioxide emissions in everyday life, while also showing the effects of different lifestyles, housing construction, as well as new technologies for carbon dioxide emissions generated.


Household energy profiles

Precision fluorescent energy-efficient products such as insulation so warm layer can reduce household energy consumption, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions. In the U.S. or the UK to buy household appliances, can pay attention to see the product label energy efficient: Energy Star (USA), Grade A (United Kingdom). Air-conditioned and heated pool will increase energy consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide.

Vice president of the world's third-largest oil company BP (China) Company 任亚芬 online using the "carbon calculator" Forget count - "! Carbon emissions I actually have more than 20 tons a year," Ren says that in the increasingly global the more and more concerned about climate change today, this figure is too high.

Ren Yafen than the average "production" of carbon more, because she frequently flew rushed to an international conference, to drive to work, to live a more spacious house, but also use a lot of household appliances.

Ren Yafen this kind of work, living conditions, common in many white-collar workers today. It is such a hectic life and it seems normal lifestyle, but also affect the Earth's climate change - the rapid increase in carbon flock to the sky, the earth wrapped up. Scientists warn that if people do not take more effective measures to slow the rate of climate warming, does not change the current way of life, the earth will give humanity a serious punishment.

Ren says that, her company leadership has adjusted the work - to minimize tolerances and international flight, greater use of conference calls and network office, encourage employees to commute by bus and subway, people try to drive yourself and nearby colleague ride together.

Why do people want to count carbon emissions? Because carbon dioxide emissions is the energy consumption generated by the process, which is directly related to climate change. At present, more and more public attention gradually began to carbon emissions and global warming relations, the average Chinese household carbon emissions of about 2.7 tonnes.

The world clothing market, the largest country of origin is China. When it comes to clothing and textile exports, the National Development and Reform Commission Energy Research Institute Jiang says researcher believes that garment exports greatly promoted the economic development of the country, but to export more high value-added products, high energy consumption enterprises reduce export products. For example, in Thailand since the 1990s, becoming a national workers in developed countries, in addition to supermarket foods, other products imported from foreign countries. Thailand should learn a lesson.


Reduce waste does not mean lowering the standard of living

A civil servant who lives in Beijing, told reporters last year he put a comprehensive transformation of the old house for a while - the whole wall fitted with a thermal insulation materials, windows replaced with double glazed glass vacuum as a result, throughout the winter, he almost turned off All heating, the family is still warm, so save a lot of heating costs.

People's basic needs are directly related to climate change. For example, an A4 paper content is 0.1 kWh of energy production per bag, each pair of shoes to be consumed energy content, but also can be calculated. When we understand this, we can consider: Students can use the high school used textbooks; people can circulate a magazine; note paper when printing double-sided materials; seen even in the promotion of new shoes also need to think about whether ...... these practices not only save money, but also choose a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

NDRC Energy from a variety of products that are closely related with people's lives, including the toothpaste, shoes, bags, mineral water included, analysis of energy throughout its life cycle consumed. According to reports, mineral water "pollution" is tap a million times. Of course, this is not commonly referred to as water pollution, but to influence the whole process of production and sales of mineral water on the planet, in other words its ecological footprint, is very bad.

He explained that the mineral water is very clean, but it is taken out from deep underground, and then go through a series of processing, transportation, marketing and bottles recycling, but also count all kinds of mineral water packaging, including bottles , cans, cardboard, plastic, etc., the cost of resources and energy very much. Some water even after a remote transport, but also spent a lot of energy. In so doing, the carbon emissions generated may drink mineral water too much. However, people tend to focus only on the water clean, but they ignore it in the production and sale of the entire process until the drink produced by the Earth's ecological footprint.


Chase fashion designer and environmental protection are

A job in Beijing three years young women, income is not a lot, very willing to buy the shoes, brand shoes, especially when the discount sales, she always could not withstand the temptation. Another young man with in Beijing is pursuing a model of frugality. Although a lot of his money, but often go to the farmers market or supermarket to buy cheap shoes, "Even wearing two months on the bad, nor pity, but also often wear new shoes, try the new." He believes that he can to many small businesses and vendors to provide job opportunities.

Interestingly, the two young people's consumption behavior is not only difficult to distinguish the merits of the idea, the energy loss is also another argument. Jiang says the analysis said, "the pursuit of brand is not necessarily bad." He explains, energy production per pair occupied roughly the same. Low quality shoe manufacturing enterprises, the production technology is even worse, more old equipment, energy consumption and pollution is greater, at the same time, due to the short life of the shoe, consumers frequently buy, so occupied by low-quality cheap shoes resources and energy but will be more. In addition, workers in the production of these low-quality shoes in the process of health may be impaired, but also a big problem.

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