Car care knowledge

Car care knowledge


A maintenance cycle content

1 day maintenance content
Visual inspection before moving, looking around the car to see if there is no damage to the lighting system, the body has no inclination, there is no oil spills, leaks and other leaks; Check the appearance of the tire; checking doors, engine compartment lid, cover the line manager and condition of the glass.
Signaling devices to check the ignition key to open (do not start the engine), check the lighting conditions of the various warning lights and indicator lights, start the engine warning light is normal to see all off, the indicator is still lit.
Check the fuel gauge Fuel view instructions supplement fuel.

2 weekly maintenance content
Check and adjust tire pressure tire pressure, clean up debris on the tire. Do not forget to check the spare tire on.
Fixed the engine and check the engine oil of various components of view there is no engine each combination of surface oil spills, leaking of; Check and adjust belt tightness; see various parts of the piping and wires fixing case; checking oil supplements; inspection supplemental coolant; checks added electrolyte; checks supplement power steering oil; clean radiator appearance; supplement windshield washing fluid.

3 monthly maintenance content
External inspection patrol car, check the bulb and damage shade; fixed the inspection body ornaments; checking the side mirror of the situation.
Check tire wear, tire, clearing the luggage compartment; close to the tires should be replaced when the wear mark tires, check tire has no drum kits, mainly abnormal wear, cracks and aging flawed and so on.
Thoroughly clean car interior cleaning and waxing; debris clean the tank exterior, oil cooler radiator exterior appearance and air conditioning on.
Check the chassis there is no leakage chassis phenomenon, found traces of oil spills should check the assembly and appropriate gear oil supplement on the chassis all the grease nipple full complement of operations.
Other detailed repeated weekly maintenance content.

4. Every six months for maintenance content
The external appearance of the engine cleaning engine, pay attention to the electrical part of the waterproofing treatment when cleaning. If the electrical part for the higher water requirements, they should avoid using high-pressure, high-temperature water gun to flush the engine, you can stick with a brush cleaning agent engine appearance.
Distributor with a clean rag to wipe of dirt inside the distributor cap, remove dirt at the electrical contact points, eliminating contact ablation of scar pole contact gap or clearance check-speed electronic ignition system, lubrication distributor lubrication points.
Three filter oil air filter with compressed air to remove dust; timely replacement of the fuel filter and clean the filter pipe joints; replace the oil and oil filter. For domestic cars crude oil filter should be cleaned, fuel pre-filter and centrifugal fine filter.
Battery Check the battery terminal part has no corrosion phenomenon, rinse with hot water battery appearance, remove the battery terminal corrosion. Battery electrolyte specific gravity measurement adjustments.
Check the coolant supplemental coolant, cleaning the tank appearance.
Check the tire wear wheel tires, tire implement transposition. Check the wheel bearing preload and, if the gap should be adjusted preload.
Check and adjust the brake system to work the hand brake lever stroke; examine and adjust the hand brake drum shoe clearance; examine and adjust free travel of the foot brake pedal; Check wheel brake shoe wear, abrasion marks should be replaced if it reaches the brake shoe tablets; examine and adjust the wheel brake shoe clearance; checks add brake fluid.
Fastening bolts or check the chassis important tight spiral, particularly important is the steering system and the spiral screw, loose or defects found, the tightening should be filled.
Chassis Chassis parts of the pipeline to check the situation, see if there is leakage, check the fastening metal connecting rods all and check there is no damage to the rubber sleeve case for all chassis lubrication points up grease.
Check the repair of automotive lighting lights, inspection, maintenance refrigeration, heating equipment, cleaning audio systems.

5. Annual maintenance content
Ignition timing adjustment of the ignition timing checked automobile engines, diesel engines for inspection and adjustment of injection timing of the best to the repair shop.
Valve clearance on with ordinary valve engine, high-speed valve clearance should be checked.
Clean the engine compartment cover clean lubrication, oil and luggage compartment door hinge mechanism, re-adjust and lubricate these institutions.

6 biennial maintenance content
Antifreeze antifreeze normal life span of two years, will replace the antifreeze in annual maintenance, a thorough cleaning and cooling.
Brake system due to moisture absorption, brake fluid every two years to replace a brake system.


Second, the automotive parts replacement cycle

Name of parts and components replacement cycle (km)

1 engine part
Timing belt (belt) 50000 - 60000
Transmission V-belt 40000
Oil and filter 5,000 to 10,000
Antifreeze 2 years
Spark plug 20000
Fuel Filter 80000
Air filter 40000
The electrical contact 40000 clean, inspect, and replace if necessary
Adjust the carburetor 80000 disintegration cleaning, replacement of the package if necessary
Gasoline hose 80000 flush sediment release
Petrol tank 160000 flushing sediment release

2 chassis and body part
Brake Lining checked every 10,000 km 1mm thickness limit
Disc brake pads every 10,000 km check 1mm thickness limit
Brake drum wear limit 2mm15. Brake disc wear limit 2mm
Total pump rubber parts and brake dust cover 80,000 or 3 years
Brake system hoses 80,000 or 3 years
Brake fluid 80,000 or 2 years
Clutch booster system and rubber dust cover 80,000 or 3 years
Clutch booster system fluid 80,000 or 3 years
Power steering fluid 80,000 or two years T Ⅱ or equivalent
ATF 40000 T Ⅱ or equivalent
Manual gearbox oil 60,000 or 3 years APIGL4 or GL-5
Differential oil 60,000 or 3 years APIGL4 or GL-5 new cars to be replaced during the first oil change
Tire tread depth of not less than 1mm
Upper and lower control arm ball head section and Boot 80,000 km inspection is necessary to replace
Replacing the steering rod ball section and check the dust cover 80,000 kilometers necessary
80,000 km clutch friction plate to check the depth of not less than 0.3mm rivets change

3 appliances and other accessories
Check the battery fluid level weekly supplement battery plates 10 ~ 15mm above the vent flow
80,000 km starter disintegration check and replace damaged parts
80,000 km generator disintegration check and replace damaged parts
Air conditioners drying tank 80000 or 3 years

4 windscreen
Windshield cleaning fluid
Check the freezing point of -10 ℃ or less per month
Are vital parts of a car engine, the usual checks and maintenance should be cautious, externally available cleaning agent to clean the engine, as it will produce carbon interior, impurities, gum and other waste in the work, if the engine more familiar with, you can open washing machine lid can also be used to avoid demolition washing machine without cleaning the internal disintegration, internal fault should be given to the repair shop.
5 Replace the three filter
Three filter is the air filter, oil filter and fuel filter for decontamination kept clean, so clean in time will help to improve the working environment inside the car body.

6. Cooling system inspection and maintenance
Tank: Check tank water reserve tank just look at whether you can limit the room.
7 Thermostat inspection and maintenance
Thermostat failure will cause the engine to heat up slower, low speed when the temperature is low, this phenomenon is particularly prominent in the winter. Thermostat valve is not open to the appearance of features caused by the hot water tank and the water chamber Shui room cool. You should be checked, replaced.
Use and maintenance of vehicles to replace the winter, add antifreeze fluid
The onset of winter, the weather is cold, should be promptly replaced, adding antifreeze (antifreeze at least once every two years to replace if the water had been added to the maintenance of antifreeze in the summer, then winter, antifreeze best replacement ); replacement, add a glass of water antifreeze. Found mixed plus timely replace all; replace, add oil in winter apply.
Why start preheating
(1) winter cold car needs to warm up. After idling car starts to warm up. (In general, the engine after a night of standing, residual oil pressure of each friction surface has long since disappeared, lost film protection; hypothermia greatly increase the viscosity of the lubricant at this time, adhesion and mobility deteriorate to start the engine. greatly increase the resistance movement, when more than 60% of the power starts to overcome the resistance movement are cooler.
(2) cold start the engine, then go start the car. Since the mixing ratio of the non-uniform, less engine power output; low temperature, the atomized fuel can be insufficient combustion, easy to form coke; portion gasoline no fog, mixed directly into the crankcase and oil along the cylinder wall, reducing the quality of the oil . So cold machine must be idle to warm up for 3-5 minutes. )

Note Clean the throttle
With the advent of "March" winter, the car has entered a "susceptible" period, you should pay attention to clean the throttle. (Winter morning is not easy to name the car, many of my friends find good car yesterday, but you can not start the majority of this failure is caused by excessive intake of carbon, like other parts of the throttle too dirty; winter car driving to 15,000 km or so, should be promptly cleaned throttle check, this can prevent the occurrence of such a good situation.

Vehicle washing Precautions
(1) Wash the winter should be taken to avoid cleaning the engine compartment, if the timing belt on the water freezes, the toothed belt is easy to jump teeth cause valve timing disorder, ranging from the impact engine performance, heavy piston and valve collision , damage to the engine.
(2) It is worth noting that after washing the car, do not stop immediately to the cold outdoors, so there are water droplets freeze between the brake pads and rotors, so start the car very "difficult", but also damage brake pads.
Matters rain and snow should be noted
(1) of rain and snow should note that there will be snow on the brakes, pull the handbrake if the next evening parking disc may be frozen in the morning. When this stop, try to find support fixed vehicle brakes were frozen avoid occurrence.
(2) rain and snow, when the trunk open note, when you turn too hard, accumulate in the lower part of the windshield to the rear window of the ice easily crushed.
(3) It should be noted snow vehicle wash, because as the city increasingly serious pollution, corrosion impurities more snow, coupled with snow removal, etc., of the vehicle damage is very serious. Even within a few days will be snow, nor dragging not wash. As long as the snow-covered, it is necessary to flush immediately with water. Whether it is paint, chassis or tires, wheels, long snow cover will cause corrosion damage.
It should be noted winter fuel
It should be noted winter fuel. Due to low winter temperatures, poor fuel atomization capabilities, coupled with our fuel quality is generally not high at this stage, the gum content is usually exceeded several times or even several times, in the car's performance is the winter each year more sticky valve phenomenon, namely gasoline incombustible components deposited on the valves and valve springs back, the light idle instability, lack of motivation; severe valve piston crown can not even start. If you suspect your car gumming, the light can be used to avoid demolition washing machine wash, heavy wash once the engine cylinder head, which can reduce or avoid the trouble occurred.
Winter maintenance batteries
(1) It should be noted winter battery maintenance. Winter car's power consumption is much greater than in other seasons, in the winter, special care for the battery is quite necessary. Although we are using a maintenance-free battery, but not maintenance-free batteries do not need any maintenance, also need to regularly observe the view window colors (green is normal; black needs to be charged; white needs to be replaced) Check the voltage in the normal state (> 12V) and voltage at start (not less than 1OV within 5s). If the voltage is too low and should be supplemented charged or replaced.
(2) before the onset of winter, the pile should clean the battery terminals and apply special grease to protect and ensure a reliable start to extend battery life. If the car is parked in the open air or cold for several weeks without, you should remove the battery and store in a warmer room, to prevent battery power loss. (Basic general battery life is 2-3 years, suddenly no electricity expire easily, need to be replaced)
Maintenance winter tires
(1) winter tires should pay attention to maintenance. A thousand miles begins with a single step, as the car's tires "foot" is the only automotive parts in contact with the ground, is one of the important factors directly related to cars with security. According to relevant statistics on traffic accidents on the highway found that about 60% of a major accident is due to a flat tire burst caused. Tire failure is considered to be the number one killer highway.
(2) at least once a month to check all tires (including the spare included) pressure in the cooling conditions, this pressure value to carmakers information provided prevail.
(3) Always check tire condition, if found to have damaged or irregular tread wear, tires must be checked immediately by a professional.
(4) tire wear to wear signs, you should stop using it.
(5) Only trained personnel may install tires and tire and rim combination to do the balancing wheel
(6) If it is found irregular tread wear or vehicle shake, then immediately check wheel alignment and balance.
(7) to prevent oil / acid / hydrocarbons and other chemicals damage the tires.
Winter outdoor parking Precautions

Placed in front of the vehicle winter outdoor parking stall, plus the best kicks throttle around 3000 rpm, the exhaust pipe to drain the water as much as possible, this will help smooth start the next day. (Because the exhaust pipe in the water is not drained in time, then the next day will produce ice block, impede the exhaust, causing difficulty in starting, body shake, breathing and other failures.

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