Education and Training

Education and Training


Cultivation concept   The company keeps an eye on common development of corporate and employees, actively proposes the concept of “Training is highly efficient investment and studying on application”, closely combines the enterprise development strategy and occupational development plan, emerges employee training and development, comprehensively improving talent quality, realizing preserving value of human resources.

Advocating constructing a learning-type enterprise and a learning-type team, the company is engaged in building a training system with Banna G&P features and building a broad platform for employees’ study, exercise and development. Constantly perfecting the training management system and running system, the company gradually forms overall planning, labor definition management system, standardized and orderly and efficiently running system, inspiring restriction mechanism by selecting, training and utilization, implementing level-to-level management of Group Company and subsidiary, managed by HR Department and division of labor with individual responsibility by business department.

Training way   The company focuses on the pertinence and effectiveness, constantly improves the scale, quality and efficiency of training. Adopting on guard and off-job, domestic and foreign, theoretical and pragmatic practice, remote training and face-to-face combination, the company strives to satisfy multi-level training demands, constantly improving business level and resumption capacity. Every training agencies of the company actively promotes training innovation, and optimizes the training content to improve training efficiency. Besides, the company focuses on cooperation and communication of domestic and overseas famous universities, research institutes and international large enterprises in talent training, actively expanding training channels for employees.

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