New Energy Development

New Energy Development


Alcohols such as methanol alcohol-based fuel is the main raw material, according to a particular process, the scientific design of a new type of reasonable modified high clean liquid fuels. Can replace liquefied petroleum gas, kerosene, diesel and other used as a hotel, restaurants, schools, businesses canteen kitchen fuel, or used for other industrial fuel and so on.

In order to facilitate and promote the norms of alcohol-based fuel, in 1996 China promulgated a national standard alcohol-based liquid fuels - GB16663-1996, the national standard vehicle fuel methanol - GB / T 23510-2009 also in December 2009 1, 2005 onwards.

November 1, 2009, by the National Standardization Management Committee announced the "vehicle fuel methanol" national standards. Meanwhile, the "methanol gasoline (M85)" National Standard on December 1 began. Currently, in our alcohol oil, bio-alcohol oil, Aging oil, bio-alcohol oil complex, in fact, alcohol-based fuel is called for each of the different businesses.

Alcohol-based fuels in the domestic market has begun to widely used, has also been the strong support of state and government, the domestic manufacturers to develop new energy is constantly emerge, is the use of the latest technology, to be recognized in the energy market.

Bio-oil is alcohol-based fuel alcohol-based development of a new environmentally friendly biofuels, at normal temperature and pressure storage, transportation, use and storage without the high-pressure cylinders, with only an ordinary metal or plastic containers can be stored.

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