Mineral resources development

Mineral resources development


Menghai Xinhui Mining Development Co., Ltd. is funded and co-Banna Sinopec Group to jointly invest in a business do to mining, mining, and processing of mining companies. The company was founded in March 2005, at present, the company administrative office is located in Jinghong dam Kyrgyzstan Road 9, 34 km outside the mine in Menghai at Mengzhe Zhenba Yeh Walled Yongsan. The tireless efforts of all the staff, constantly in pursuit of excellence in quality, a distinctive brand and the perfect corporate image, adhering to the "energy-saving, practical, progressive and innovative" spirit of enterprise. We constantly improve their own management system, emphasizing customer and market-oriented, to broaden the scope of services, improve service depth, with customers seeking long-term, stable and win-win partnership to enable enterprises to gain the trust and support of all customers. The company's aim is to uphold the principle of good faith in order to achieve market customer requirements.

Mineral resources development refers to the deposit (including solid minerals and liquid mineral) ore minerals mined through dressing, smelting and processing a series of processes, will become a useful material refining or purification process some form of the product. Development of mineral resources generally, including mining, processing, smelting and other industrial processes, but different mineral resources development are quite different.

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