Refined oil

Refined oil


In 2010, Sinopec Group Banna cooperation with the cloud Investment Group, co-founded Yunnan Banna Petrochemical Investment Company Limited, the sharing of resources and powerful combination. At present, the construction of gas stations in the province of more than 100 seats, three acres of vegetable base, now a turnover of over 80 billion dollars a year, becoming the Yunnan after Sinopec, PetroChina's third-largest oil company, the company actively preparing for listing .

  Sinopec Yunnan Banna created a private enterprise, "five of the first": the first allowed imports of refined oil concession of private enterprises; first allowed the construction of refined oil bonded warehouses of private enterprises; first allowed in the Lancang Mekong • Transportation private enterprises of refined oil products, the first tanker in the manufacture of transport • Lancang Mekong private Enterprise, the first allowed to change in Southeast Asia engaged in vegetable oil trading of private enterprises.

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