Xishuangbanna Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. LPG storage and distribution station located mengyang mengyang farm town of Jinghong City, the new management committee of eight teams (two former school site at the school). The station was built in June 2012, fully completed in July 2013. LPG storage and distribution station reserves of 486 cubic meters, storage tanks and supply in storage and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas filling 5,000 tons / year. The main equipment filling workshop, room, office and living space, steel inspection stations, fire water, the purchase of tanks, with a total construction area of ​​2,600 square meters, covers an area of ​​17,936.83 square meters. Facilities have lightning protection, anti-static, water fire and strength of electrical systems and other facilities.

"Sold more than a can of gas, less cut a tree," which is a long-Banna Sinopec Group and will always stick to uphold ecological philosophy. The company has created to promote easy to use, clean and efficient gas, alternative fuels firewood, long-term commitment to rainforest protection.

Currently, more than 200 company-owned gas supply outlets statewide 33 towns, communities and farms, fixed gas reaches more than 50 million users, more than 100,000 cubic meters per year so that trees from being trampled. Since its establishment, the cumulative sales of more than 3169 bottles of liquefied gas, equivalent to saving 26.87 million cubic meters of wood to protect the 53,750 acres of tropical rainforest. Out of an environment-friendly and resource-saving road of sustainable development, creating a significant ecological and social benefits, won the Party committees, governments and the community acclaim and praise.

Nowadays, people Banna petrochemical company research conscientiously implement the State Committee raised when Chen 侯书记 "to promote clean energy as an important starting point for the construction of the beautiful countryside" speech, tempering progressive, pioneering and innovative, seeking greater leaps and bounds, is Butterfly staged more exciting chapter.

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