Knowledge of safe to use LPG


LPG is generally called liquefied petroleum gas, mainly composed of: ethylene, ethane, propane, propylene, butane, butylene, etc. Appearance: colorless gas or yellow-brown oily liquid with special smell. To remind people to discover liquefied gas leaks, plants often mixed…… 

Water and Health

Drink plenty of water should be said that the most simple things, but the development of the era to today's problem drinking became a hot topic of concern!

A Health Crisis

The first 22 days Regulations: Health

Modern human health, the three major killers: cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes.

Health groups accounted for 70%; healthy population accounted for 15%; patient population, 15%; stroke: 10000000; hypertension: 200000000; coronary heart disease: 20000000; Diabetes: 150000000.

Visual inspection before moving, looking around the car to see if there is no damage to the lighting system, the body has no inclination, there is no oil spills, leaks and other leaks ……

Carbon calculator based on the structure of your home, your personal energy consumption, environmental protection your habits, and your personal transportation habits, guidance……

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